I'm Utkarsh Yadav

I create awesome Websites 💻 & Mobile-Applications 📱

A student | Learner | developer who loves to work with MERN Stack and React Native and also writes Tech Blogs 📜.

👋 About Me

I am a student developer with Computer Science background. I work within MERN Stack ecosystem and Currenty working on Mobile Applications using React Native.

Me as a technical writer

I started technical writing on Dev.to community and gained massive response from the mate writers. And regularly writes on new Technology either it is related to web or mobile.

You can Visit Some of my latest Tech Blogs in Article section and can also visit Tech Blogs-By Utkarsh

Me as a contributor to Open-Source

I love Open source. I have made my own blog as an open source and contributed to many projects.

Me dealing with Other Stuff

  • I love to play tabble tennis. and a Table tennis champion in my college 🏓
  • Like to read Blogs 📜
  • Blogging on Instagram 📷 Visit Here
  • Talking to People and share opinions 📢



🧰 Projects

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📱 Mobile Application React Native

A YouTube Clone made using React-Native and Google's APIs. User can search over 10 Billion video all over youTube. Added DarkMode for Night Owls.

React nativeYouTubeAPIsJavaScript
🎷 MERN Stack Application

Relaxify is a music player web Application made with react. Spotify OAuth is used for user's data. Node.js is used for backend.

🦠 Corona Pandemic Tracker
Covid-19 Stats Tracker

Covid-19 Stats for number of people got Infected, the death raise per day and the number of people recovered. used chart.js for graphs.


🤝 Wanna work ?

Hire me 👨‍💻. I am Currently available for work I can help you with projects, app, hire me as a technical writer.

Please drop me a mail at yadavutkarsh207@gmail.com.📧